Blatter and Mugabe one, FIFA and Zimbabwe zero

Jun 9, 2011

How come there are so many similarities between politics at the republic of FIFA and politics in the republic of Zimbabwe? Consider this excerpted article about one of them, un -named for now:
President embarking on another four-year term and, despite his promise to reform, is facing almost daily the face of sustained assaults on the integrity of his organization...

They are among a group of people ...drafted in to form a "council of wisdom" to help restore ... tarnished image after he was re-elected unopposed.

Skeptics are proving hard to win over though, with (them)...branding (the organization)... a museum run by dinosaurs who do not want to give up power and saying that, despite the chaos and upheaval, "nothing would change." 

"I'm not surprised ... was re-elected because they look after themselves," he said. "They will stay until they are 105 years old. I hope they will resign but don't be under any illusions that they will."

Dear reader, which country or organisation do you think the story above refers to? Zimbabwe or FIFA?

Okay, so its about Blatter and FIFA. But consider the similarities to Zimbabwe's current political scene:

The country's ruler has served for a total of 31 years as first prime minister and then president, and says he is ready to run for his seventh effective term as ruler. The 'promised reforms' are numerous and never-ending; the scandals of the ruling clique no longer shock anybody and are almost never prosecuted.

The country was once widely regarded for what were regarded as enlightened policies and a good standard of life for its people, but now its integrity is under 'sustained assault' because of the many things that have gone wrong.

After the ruler faced a 'tarnished image after he was re-elected unopposed' his version of a 'council' was
to invite the members of the party that had defeated his into a joint government in an effort 'to help restore his tarnished image after he was re-elected unopposed' when the opposition pulled out of the presidential run off over violence and intimidation.

As for looking after themselves, membership of the top levels of the ruling party is one of the prospering 'industries' in a depressed economy.

If Maradona believes that FIFA officials will 'stay until they are 105 years old,' here is what the 87 year old president of Zimbabwe recently said in response to suggestions that he might want to pass the baton to someone else:

"We don't want to take any risks...the party needs me. His body told him "the counting doesn't end at 87, at least you must get to 100."

The score of this match is Blatter and Mugabe 1, FIFA and Zimbabwe nil.


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