Does FIFA have the moral authority to probe Zim football corruption?

Jun 23, 2011

"FIFA anti-corruption team expected in Zimbabwe" sounds like a  headline written by a comedy writer because it can be read in so many rude ways. Is that FIFA team visiting to learn lessons from the country's political establishment about how the chief conducts business with the diminished legitimacy and credibility of having 'won' a tainted election widely seen as stolen?

You are in power but everyone sees you as a cheat. You wield formal power but you have lost much of the moral authority that should go with your position. This is what the FIFA and the Zimbabwe political authorities have in common.

But no, it turns out that the FIFA team visiting Zimbabwe is actually there to investigate match-fixing allegations against the top officials of the country's football association. Apparently since-suspended ZIFA bosses accepted money in Asia for the national team to lose matches.

But given the sleaze surrounding the way the current FIFA government continued its reign at the organisation's recent controversy-ridden, do they have any moral authority to be investigating football corruption, in Zimbabwe or anywhere else? 


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